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DevOps hours

Business is slower or faster than usual?

Ramp up / down  on DevOps hours based on velocity

First system review consultation is on us.

Low commitment contract, hourly based.

Increase or decrease the DevOps work  based on your project's velocity

Hire us at a fraction of the cost of what an in house team would cost you


Project Velocity

Workplace redefined

We can help you scale up, augment your team or scale down, reduce your DevOPS team. Let's get you started!


worldwide, on demand!

How it works?

In the onboarding process, we do an initial review of your system, we'll check things like scalability, what kind of traffic you are getting, and do security checks

You will plan, design, and develop your application and send us the code, we then test, deploy, and review the application before sending it to production. 



Then, we continuously monitor performance to make sure your users never experience downtime. All this while reducing costs and time to market.



We deliver software at the speed of business

DevOps work on demand

Whether you are launching a product or just need to update an existing product, you need fast technology adoption. That's where DevOps as a service comes into play. We build infrastructure solutions, we write the server configuration management code that describes how things should work. This way you are able to build and deploy at scale by reducing manual updates to a minimum.

What to expect


DevOPS as a service

collaborative, agile, efficient. DevOps does the job and deserves the hype. The child prodigy of the decade.


Application Monitoring

reading and analysing system logs to provide the big picture of how your application is working.


Simplifed Toolchain

new tools and new skills, but more importantly a new mindset, the opposite of every man for himself.


Identify Bottlenecks

reduce the probability of bottlenecks to occur, while staying responsive to customer interactions.



 in terms of code testing, infrastructure, workflows,  based on  the “automate everything” optics.


Infrastructure at scale

we can build your infrastructure at scale, in different locations using different types of hardware.  


Faster Deployments

naturally faster and more frequent deployments with  continuously measured performance. 


Leaner Software Delivery

streamline software delivery efforts, while reducing cost and time to market.

save time.png

Increase or decrease  work volume with ease

Save time and money

We can help you scale up, augment your team or scale down, reduce your DevOPS team.

Why work with our team?


Senior Engineers

We assign senior engineers that work alongside your team, braking silos and enabling collaboration.


Responsive team

We have shifts to cover 24/7 and will mitigate any issues in an effective and timely manner.


Scale down/up hours 

You choose how much DevOps work you need. The contract is low commitment, hourly based.

people at work.png

Superhuman insight

You'll be able to  delegate with ease at superhuman levels of insight into what each team is doing.


Cut down on costs

Our remote DevOps team will cost you a fraction of the cost of what an in-house DevOps would cost.


Simplifed Toolchain

Look at your toolchain – plugins, applications, and licenses – and evaluate the costs. 


Agile approach

We will stay in touch via Slack and you can add us to your sprint. We are friendly and highly responsive.

senior engineers.png

It's simply Smarter

you'll brake silos between teams and enable collaboration, enabling automation all the while.


Ready to get started?

Talk to our technical sales team to answer your questions and explore your possibilities with our team

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