Deliver software at the speed of business

DevOps work on demand

Whether you are launching a product or just need to update an existing product, you need fast technology adoption. That's where DevOps as a service comes into play. We build infrastructure solutions, we write the server configuration management code that describes how things should work. This way you are able to build and deploy at scale by reducing manual updates to a minimum. Here are our main service lines:


24/7 Server and Application Monitoring / Alerting

Account Server Provisioning

Back Up Management

Account Migration

Virtualization support

Dedicated/Co-location support

Dedicated support team

Performance Incident Response

Nameserver & DNS Management

Crash Recovery Assistance

First contact resolution (FCR)

Quick response and resolution

Professional Engineers

24/7 emergency administration

Service performance assistance

Security incident response

Performance incident response


System Administration Services

Cloud Migration

Cloud architecture design& Implementation

Docker based deploys

Continuous integration& Deploy Automation

Pre-sales Support

Technology Consultation


Performance tuning& optimization

Security administration

Server Troubleshooting I

nfrastructure Setup


Data Migration

Application Management

SLA Emergency Response

Emergency Server Support

Initial Server Optimisation

Server Patches & Upgrades

Unlimited Linux Server Administration Tickets

Custom Needed Settings

Kubernetes, Swarm mode, Amazon EC


Custom Made Solutions

We bring you cloud-native, microservices architecture

The future of software development is deployment of “code” at any time/all the time. Deployment may happen daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. Faster software delivery is now achieved by collaborative teams with the goal of continuous innovation. 

If you want to build a resilient system with speed, quality, and security there's only one natural move you need to towards: a cloud-native, microservices architecture.

Here's how we can make it happen

We assign Senior DevOps engineers team to work on your app or project

In the onboarding process, we first do a system review and "sit by the table" with your IT team. You plan, design, and develop your application or updates to an already existing application and send us the code. We then test, deploy, and review the application before sending it to production. Then we continuously monitor performance to make sure your users never experience downtime.

We help you deliver software at the speed of business

By breaking applications down into their smallest components we make speed happen. If things go wrong—and they surely will—only that small component is rolled back or updated (rolled forward). In this context, recovering from failure quickly is swift and smooth, while teams building other components can continue delivery.

We  build infrastructure that makes speed, quality, and security possible

Build could-native and microservices infrastructure

To build a resilient system with speed, quality, and security requires a natural shift towards a cloud-native, microservices architecture. Automation in terms of code testing, infrastructure, workflows, following the “automate everything” optics will take you places. Deployments are naturally faster and more frequent. Consequently, this reflects positively in any business model, reducing the probability of bottlenecks to occur, ultimately solving problems.

We bring new tools, new skills, and a whole new mindset.

We focus on automation by automating code testing, infrastructure, and workflows, while continuously measuring application performance.  The way this works is by slicing the work into small chunks, taking only hours (usually) to integrate, test, monitor, and deploy, versus the traditional way of writing large pieces of software over weeks and then spend other weeks (or months even) with testing. 

Make sense of complex data

Custom fetch what you need when you need it

We write the configuration management code, detailing how the application should be built, which allows DevOPS teams to build infrastructure at scale, in different locations using different types of hardware.  We will also track and document every change made to both codes: application and configuration.  

Drilling even further into how DevOPS teams work,these are  some of the tools we use. 

Here are some of the tools we use

Source code control 


Continous integration


We'll simply make your deployments leaner

Going the DevOps route is simply smarter, as having identical development and production environments with the same configuration simply makes things leaner. Software delivery and time to market reduced from months and weeks to days and hours.  

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