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Concept to Product

Merger Readiness for Start Ups


Turning your ideas into reality is no easy task, but you've come to the right place. We help small to medium, to large companies, convert their vision to hard proof reality every day, for the past 15 years.  Not bragging, but we  know our craft. 

here's how it works: 

We give you support for a variety of tools spanning from source code control, to build automation, to testing, to deployment, to monitoring.

We enable ongoing, active collaboration between developers and IT operations.  

You focus on business goals. 

The result?

Shorter development cycles,
increased deployment frequency,
propelling you faster to market.

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Acquisition and Merger Readiness


Next, it's time to prepare your operations for the deep. Over the years, we've taken projects by the dozens and enabled teams to take the plunge by helping them align with IT imperatives of the moment, at industry standards. They achieve merger readiness in 3 to 12 months time with 100% success rate. Real numbers, no nonsense.

Track Record








We're all kinds of nerds. We're a mix of engineers, infrastructure architects and strategic consultants. We spend our days architecting infrastructure and pushing code around. 

We're really good at configuring, installing and architecting infrastructure. We build, migrate and deploy existing workloads to the cloud. Service Lines: Managed Technical Support, IT Consulting, IT Concierge, Production Infrastructure Management. We build, migrate and deploy existing workloads to the cloud. Fluent in: Continous Integration, Container Orchestration, Setups and Configuring, Scripting, Security and Cloud.

The Process

We'll  plan everything together, doing the due diligence and going through  each step at a time. Here's a quick walkthrough of the process:


Initial System Review


Readiness Assessment


Merger Timeline


IT& Policy Alignment


Merger Integration


Post Merger Assesment

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