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We work with various industries 

Fast-moving start ups to

Our expertise comes from extensively working with various industries, from product development to retail to automotive to banking to healthcare. 


industry leaders


we help retailers reduce redundancies, streamline production & distribution and cut down on costs. We strive for zero downtime and excellent user experience for their users.


we help improve patient portals by leveraging data  to apps, services and  secure cloud environments. You can also keep your deployments HIPAA compliant with us!


We help automotive bring advanced features to their customers. Web vehicle registration and more trough accelerated releases, mitigating risks  and secure environments.

Product Development

 innovate products at a faster pace. Devs and IT operations people work together resulting in quick product development and significantly more frequent iterations on existing ones.


our banking clients are embracing DevOps for going digital trough faster release of new software and products, operating beyond the boundaries of physical branches and offices.

Digital Marketing

we help marketers create seamless, streamlined product processes and strategies with better business results resulting in increased traffic or sales for their brands.

Here are some of the clients that trust us with their deployments

We can help your organisations understand best practices around advanced cloud-based solutions, and how to migrate existing workloads to the cloud. Our main service lines include implementation/deployment; data security and troubleshooting.


 is accelerating financial inclusion in emerging markets. The future of financial services.

provides fast and easy online vehicle registration services, a digital copy of your registration card.


is a free and flexible digital challenger bank designed specifically for the Brazilian market.


 interactive health platform, joint venture between IH Group (Independence) and Comcast.


motion-sensing hardware with algorithms to track children's breathing, overall activity orientation.


health care company offering data-driven solutions addressing today’s critical healthcare challenges.


leading physician practice in the U.S  , not only for the patient, but for the full  continuum of  the hospital ecosystem

leading AI and platform provider recognised by Gartner as a "Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies."


Not bragging but we know our craft

Writing white papers, reference architectures, customer use cases, training materials is our second nature, as we’re always ready to give you the insights you need to make informed decisions. We’re very responsive, easy-going and hard-working.Here’s a selection of some of our client work.

#5 Responsive Team

We have shifts to cover 24/7 and will mitigate any issues in an effective and timely manner.

Why work with us?

#1 Senior Engineers

#2 Scale up or Down on the DevOPs hours needed

We assign senior engineers that work alongside your team, braking silos and enabling collaboration.

You choose how much DevOps work you need. The contract is low commitment, hourly based.

#4 Superhuman insights

Our remote DevOps team will cost you a fraction of the cost of what an in-house DevOps would cost.

#3 Cut Down On Costs

You'll be able to  delegate with ease at superhuman levels of insight into what each team is doing.


#6 Simplified Toolchain

Look at your toolchain – plugins, applications, and licenses – and evaluate the costs. 


Doug Cress, Founder

Cress & Company

Great network solutions service provider would recommend 5/5 for your AWS needs.

Dan Baron, Founder and CEO
Nature Footage

"The project was delivered beyond expectation. The team had exceptional knowledge of AWS services, security, server administration, and many other areas of expertise. I was on a tight deadline, and we got the project completed on very short notice.I will certainly use them again!"

Tobias Lutz, Project Lead 
Simens Helthineers

"Amazing work & great communication! Will definitely hire again! Work was more then perfect!"

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