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Why DevOps as a service?

Communication barriers between teams can affect the speed, efficiency, and quality of service of your products with a negative impact on your team's morale and motivation. Adopting a DevOps team, however, will enable ongoing collaboration to perfect streamlining your IT work, making scaling easy and optimizing costs on the long run.  You won't have to worry about training or your team being overwhelmed again.

Most businesses only need a few hours of DevOPS work.

Go faster to market with increased Deployment Frequency.

We are well versed in designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, geographically distributed and scalable systems. We're really good at configuring, installing and architecting infrastructure. We build, migrate and deploy existing workload to the cloud. 



Product Launch

What is DevOps as a service?

 DevOps enables ongoing collaboration to perfect streamline your DevOps IT work, making scaling easy and optimizing costs on the long run.  You won't have to worry about training or your team being overwhelmed again. Adopting our remote DevOPS team will also help you reduce costs as you only pay for what you need when you need it. Most companies need just a few hours of DevOps on a monthly basis with a minumim hourly cap and no commitment

Automate your software delivery process

Have everyone on your team work in sync.

Application deployment used to be slow to the point of being inefficient, especially for big-scale applications, where complexity can result in an intimidating amount of iterations. This usually creates inconsistencies and can lead to long, tiring, repetitive work cycles, frustrating, and overwhelming your team. Breaking the invisible walls between your team by adopting a DevOps approach will enable you to have palpable results of your team's efforts. You'll know how the entire application is performing and identify and resolve bottlenecks as they happpen.  

Reduce your costs while increasing your performance. How is that possible?

 Here's how it works. In the onboarding process, we do an initial review of your system, we'll check things like scalability, what kind of traffic you are getting, do security checks, and sit by the table with your IT team. You will plan, design, and develop your application and send us the code, we then test, deploy, and review the application before sending it to production. Then we'll continuously monitor performance to make sure your users never experience downtime. All this while reducing costs and time to market. 

Cut down on costs and time

Simplify your toolchain and organisational chart.

Look at your toolchain – plugins, applications, and licenses – and evaluate the costs. By simplifying the toolchain, you reduce DevOps costs and maintenance. Instead of tying up engineering resources dedicated to maintenance, you can focus your budget and headcount on driving business outcomes.

Streamline development and deployment. Automate everything you can.

 Big scale applications require big-scale solutions.  Whether you're just launching a product or need to adapt to your audience, fast technology adoption is key to staying relevant. That's where DevOps comes into play. By writing configuration management code that describes how things should work you'll be able to build and deploy at scale by reducing manual updates to a minimum.

Custom fetch and make sense of complex data

Geo maps, heat maps, histograms and all charts & graphs. We keep everything in check.

 Displaying graphs to heatmaps, histograms, Geo maps, you'll need a plethora of visualization options to understand data as per your business requirements. We'll interpret analytics dashboards for you, run analytics, monitoring, with customizable dashboards (to study the errors popping up & the server uptime.

Technology and Tools

 The SRE DevOps requires not only a change in mindset but a change in what technology you are using and the tools you employ in order to stay relevant to the new age pace of software delivery. From source control to continuous integration, to automation, to container concepts and cloud, we got you covered. Combining dev and operations is a great way to streamline development and deployment of code, but faster cycles also mean vulnerabilities can be introduced into code much faster than previously. A Devops team  will be able to write secure code to protect applications from attack as well as defend against common cybersecurity vulnerabilities  


Configuration Tools for Continuous Deployment

To name a few, we use  GitHub to manage, track, and doc all changes to application code and config code, Chef to deploy applications in an automated manner, across hundreds, thousands of servers in different locations. We monitor the environment with New Relic, to generate, read, and analyze system logs. And since many environments have hundreds or thousands of servers tools like New relic help us make sense of the data

We'll help you align with the IT imperatives of the moment


We send data back from the cloud for you to be able to process on ground, and make the right tactical decision on a very elastic capacity.



HIPAA& PCI Security Standards compliance for deployments in the Health Care Sector is the work we’re most proud of, in terms of scale and intricacy.

Accelerate delivery for new innovations, applications and hybrid infrastructure by orchestrating processes across domains, systems and teams.

HIPAA & PCI Compliance

Providing the tools and know-how to assure HIPAA& PCI Security Standards compliance for deployments in the Health Care Sector is the work we’re most proud of, so far, in terms of scale and intricacy. 

Defend sensitive data against unauthorized access

Install, Configure, Troubleshoot

We install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot security tools and engineer security solutions. We work with clients from various fields, from Retail to Automotive, to Healthcare.   

Depending on the scope of the project, we have the skill and human capacity to take on responsibilities like:

Defend systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction
Perform vulnerability and networking scanning assessments
Monitor network traffic for unusual activity
Configure and support security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, patch management systems, etc.
Implement network security policies, application security, access control, and corporate data safeguards
Analyze and establish security requirements for your networks
Train fellow employees in security awareness and procedures
Develop and update business continuity and disaster recovery protocols
Conduct security audits and make policy recommendations
Provide technical security advice & forensics 



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